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Unmasked: Inside the Gripping Chinese Gang Crime Wave Sweeping Through Bangkok’s New Chinatown! Brace for the Disturbing Details!

In the thriving district of Huai Khwang in Bangkok, commonly known as the “new Chinatown”, crime rates involving Chinese nationals, mostly towards their fellows, have been on an unusual rise. An unfolding scenario leading to authorities zeroing in on a Chinese suspect has brought this issue to the fore. The proceeding incidents unraveled in this community point towards an elaborate robbery plot, leading to the arrest of the suspect in Sri Racha district of Chon Buri.

34-year-old, Lui Jian, found himself in the police dragnet on Wednesday after the Criminal Court issued a warrant against him on armed robbery charges and accusation of public gun and knife possession, as reported by Pol Maj Gen Teeradet Thamsuri, commander of the Investigation Division of the Metropolitan Police Bureau.

The police report furnishes details about how Mr. Lui along with five of his countrymen, equipped with guns and knives, executed a home invasion at the Kesinee Ville housing estate, situated in the Sam Sen Nok region of Huai Khwang. It was September 22’s evening when they infiltrated the house while its three Chinese occupants stepped outside for physical exercise.

The plot thickened when upon the return of the occupants, the six assailants debouched and relieved them of their possessions including a Bulgari diamond-studded white gold ring valued at 627,500 baht, a Cartier diamond-studded white gold ring priced at 1.69 million baht, three black Chanel handbags worth 540,000 baht, a black Rimowa handbag priced at 55,000 baht, and two iPhone 14 Pro smartphones coming at 90,000 baht. After accomplishing their heist, the robbers made their escape.

Despite the quick escape, the relentless pursuit of authorities led to the identification of the six robbery suspects. Warrants for their capture were subsequently obtained. As per reports, while some of the suspects have managed to leave the country, Mr. Lui took to Sri Racha where he rented a room in tambon Bo Win.

His covert living was brought to a standstill when police apprehended him at a Chinese restaurant in Bo Win amidst a card game with five other Chinese men. All the men were promptly taken to the Bo Win police station to initiate the legal process. Mr. Lui was presented with the arrest warrant in the presence of an interpreter and against all the prevailing evidence, remained staunch in his denial of the charges.

Through careful and structured investigation, the police were able to arrest one of the suspects involved in the elaborate robbery. However, the search for the remaining suspects continues as the police work towards restoring safety and security in the ‘new Chinatown’.

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