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Unthinkable Revelation: Thai Education’s Future Hinges on Six Astonishing Qualities – Your Perception Will Be Shaken Up!

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Recently, three leading educational organizations in Thailand, namely the National Association of Secondary School Administrators (NASSA), the National Parents and Teachers Association, and the Basic Education Committee of Thailand, made public their declaration of the six main qualities they seek in the next Minister of Education and their deputies. Primarily, it emphasized the need for candidates with robust educational expertise capable of meeting pressing issues encountered by Thailand’s youths. The announcement was delivered by Narin Channadu, who is both the current President of NASSA and Director of Karnjananukhro School.

The importance of the education sector in moulding the future of Thailand was highlighted. This brought forth the urgent necessity for ministers equipped with the enumerated qualifications by the organizations. The traits pinpointed in the statement laid substantial emphasis on considerable knowledge and management experience in the education sector, comprehensive awareness of the issues, and a far-sighted mindset to steer Thai education towards handling the issues troubling today’s youth.

Beyond that, potential candidates are expected to have a clear and well-structured vision for policy and management planning concerning Thai education, with a particular focus on enforcing consistency across pre-primary, primary, and secondary levels. The importance of a positive public image for the minister was another aspect touched on, given its critical role in setting a benchmark for all personnel within the Ministry.

Furthermore, they should also be committed to reducing the tasks that pull teachers away from their actual teaching responsibilities, due to various obligations imposed by different agencies. Their roles should also encompass encouraging and inspiring educational staff across all levels, and fostering the growth of education administrators, school administrators, teachers, and educational personnel to effectively navigate the fluctuations in both the contemporary world and Thai society.

Narin, in his conclusion, emphasized the need for an earnest drive towards educational improvement, devoid of any political agenda. As prospective candidates, both General Pernpoon Chidchob and Surasak Panchareonwong were cited, pointing out that performance should be a vital determining factor. The pressing need to tackle challenges like teacher shortage and quality concerns—issues that plague the Ministry of Education—was also underscored.

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