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Unveiling Maurice Lacroix PONTOS S DIVER 2024: The Ultimate Urban Diver’s Watch

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Maurice Lacroix, a brand synonymous with urban sophistication, is thrilled to unveil two new diver’s watches, meticulously crafted for city dwellers. While both variations of the PONTOS S DIVER 2024 are ocean-ready, Maurice Lacroix has ingeniously reimagined this collection, creating two stylish options that excel in the fast-paced urban landscape.

The original PONTOS S DIVER made its debut in 2013, optimized for underwater use, even though most owners never fully utilized its aquatic capabilities. In 2016, Maurice Lacroix introduced the AIKON, an ‘urban watch’ that quickly became a bestseller. Due to its limited production capacity, the brand focused on meeting the soaring demand for the AIKON, temporarily halting the production of its specialized diver’s watch.

However, countless requests from devoted enthusiasts led Maurice Lacroix to bring back the PONTOS S DIVER, culminating in the release of a revamped model in May 2023. This new iteration is slightly more compact than its 2013 predecessor, enhancing wearability, while integrating several improvements that maintain the charm of the original design.

Now, the Swiss watchmaker has taken a bold step forward, introducing a diver’s watch designed exclusively for city life. The 2024 PONTOS S DIVER is available in two distinct variants: a limited-edition bronze model and a special-edition black DLC steel version. Water-resistant to 30 ATM, these watches boast robust performance while primarily thriving in urban settings. Whether soaking up the summer sun or glowing under neon lights, these timepieces exude style.

The first model, limited to 888 pieces, features a 42mm bronze case complemented by a black dial. The hands and indices are adorned in golden hues and treated with Super-LumiNova®, giving an impressive nocturnal glow. Its warm case paired with a vintage brown leather strap and bronze pin buckle ensures this PONTOS S DIVER 2024 stands out in the urban crowd with a chic retro appeal.

On the other hand, the special edition caters to night owls. It sports a dial with a dynamic palette of black, white, and yellow, providing clear and bold visual cues. Encased in a sleek 42mm black DLC stainless steel case, the white and yellow accents pop with excitement. Like its bronze counterpart, this model features Super-LumiNova® for a radiant glow in dim lighting, perfect for low-lit environments. The watch comes with a durable black rubber strap and a sandblasted black DLC pin buckle that resonates with the case.

Both models are equipped with an additional crown at the 2 o’clock position to control the internal rotating bezel, designed to measure elapsed time underwater but equally functional as a reminder tool during office hours. Powered by the automatic ML115 calibre, the PONTOS S DIVER 2024 offers the convenience of no manual winding, making it an ideal daily companion. The watches also feature the Maurice Lacroix Easy Strap Exchange System, allowing for quick and tool-free strap changes.

With their blend of legibility, robustness, precision, and style, the PONTOS S DIVER 2024 models are the perfect accessories for urban explorers. Dive into the cityscape with flair and functionality on your wrist!

The PONTOS S DIVER limited-edition watch (888 pieces) is priced at 98,900 baht, while the special edition black DLC stainless steel case version is available at 82,900 baht. Find them at Maurice Lacroix counters and the Maurice Lacroix Boutique on the 2nd floor of Gaysorn Village. For inquiries, call 02-853-9742 or connect via LINE Official @MauriceLacroixTH by clicking:

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  1. Emma J June 21, 2024

    Why would anyone need a diver’s watch for city life? Seems like they’re just trying to cash in on a trend.

    • Mark June 21, 2024

      I think it’s more about having versatile, rugged styles that look good anywhere. These watches have utility beyond just diving.

      • Emma J June 21, 2024

        I get that, but still feels a bit unnecessary to me. A regular stylish watch would suffice.

      • Oliver P June 21, 2024

        Utility? Come on, most people buying these probably just want the status and look, not the functionality.

      • Mark June 21, 2024

        To each their own. If someone finds value in how they look and feel with the watch, that’s all that matters.

  2. Sophia R June 21, 2024

    The bronze model looks absolutely stunning! Seriously considering getting one.

    • sarah_88 June 21, 2024

      Same! I love the retro vibe. But 98,900 baht? That’s steep!

    • Daniel Craig June 21, 2024

      It’s an investment in style and quality. You get what you pay for with luxury watches.

    • Sophia R June 21, 2024

      True, but I’ll need to justify that kind of expense to myself. It’s a gorgeous piece, though!

  3. Julia June 21, 2024

    Why is brands’ latest craze always making everything urban? What happened to watches having distinct purposes?

    • Tommy B June 21, 2024

      It’s called evolution. They’re adapting to meet the needs of a modern lifestyle. Get with the times!

    • Anya L June 21, 2024

      I agree with Julia. Not every product needs to be multi-functional. Simplicity at its best, right?

    • Julia June 21, 2024

      Exactly, Anya! Not everything needs to be convoluted. Rolex doesn’t need an ‘urban-classic’ line for a reason.

  4. Watcher88 June 21, 2024

    It’s interesting how Maurice Lacroix interweaves functionality with style in their pieces.

  5. Chris Jones June 21, 2024

    Who seriously buys watches based on their underwater capability if they’re only going to be in boardrooms?

    • Isabella June 21, 2024

      Some people appreciate the blend of style and functionality, even if they don’t use it to its full capacity.

    • Chris Jones June 21, 2024

      Appreciate? Or are they just showing off? Honest question.

    • Emily S June 21, 2024

      Both. If you can afford it and you like it, why not? Everyone has their reasons.

  6. Jake W June 21, 2024

    The black DLC model definitely catches the eye. Cleary designed for someone who loves the nightlife.

  7. Priya M June 21, 2024

    Has anyone checked out the Easy Strap Exchange System? Is it as hassle-free as they claim?

    • Aaron D June 21, 2024

      I’ve heard mixed reviews. Some say it’s smooth, others point out a bit of a learning curve.

    • Priya M June 21, 2024

      Hmmm, might need to try it myself in-store then. Sounds intriguing if it works well.

    • Aaron D June 21, 2024

      Let us know how it goes. Might help people decide!

  8. Linda Q June 21, 2024

    These watches are overpriced for what they offer. 98,900 baht? Really?

    • David R June 21, 2024

      You’re paying for the brand, craftsmanship, and style. It’s not just a watch; it’s a statement piece.

    • Linda Q June 21, 2024

      I get that, but I can’t help feeling it’s still a bit excessive for what you get.

    • David R June 21, 2024

      To each their own. Some spend on cars, others on watches. Different strokes for different folks.

  9. Jasper June 21, 2024

    Honestly, if you love it, buy it. If you don’t, look away. Simple.

  10. Harry P June 21, 2024

    I’m curious, why 888 pieces for the limited edition? Seems like an odd number.

  11. Diane June 21, 2024

    888 is considered a lucky number in many Asian cultures, especially in business. Smart marketing move!

  12. Benji June 21, 2024

    Could be a complete marketing ploy. Not that these companies are strangers to those tactics.

  13. Oliver P June 21, 2024

    Anyone else think the whole urban diver concept is just gimmicky? Like, pick a lane, watchmakers!

    • Adrian M June 21, 2024

      It’s gimmicky to some, genius to others. If there’s demand, why not cater to it?

    • Sophia R June 21, 2024

      Exactly, Adrian. They’re filling a niche that clearly interests many people.

    • Oliver P June 21, 2024

      Fair points, both. Guess it’s just not my cup of tea!

  14. Nadia June 21, 2024

    I’ve never understood the point of luxury watches. Isn’t a smartwatch more useful in today’s world?

  15. gregORY 123 June 21, 2024

    Apples to oranges. Smartwatches for tech and function, luxury watches for tradition and style.

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