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Vote or Lose: A Grueling MP Showdown Ignites in Rayong – Two Titans Battle for Power, Legacy & Honor in Unprecedented Clash!

Tirelessly advocating at the well-known markets of Khao Din, Prasae, and Sam Yan in the bustling Muang district, Jurin was not alone but briskly backed by party’s chief of political innovation – the ever-present Watanya “Madam Dear” Bunnag – and a passionate team of MPs from various other provinces. They all pooled their efforts to bolster support for the Democrat candidate hailing from Rayong’s constituency 3, the devoted Dr Banyat Jetanachan.

It’s hard to miss the connection between the politically involved Watanya and the media industry – she is the other half of the Nation Group CEO, Shine Bunnag.

Jurin spoke highly of Banyat, painting him as a Rayong native who holds dedication and a willingness to serve his hometown close to his heart. He further highlighted Banyat’s budding political career, having been an MP for Rayong on three occasions which clearly demonstrated his extensive experience and unwavering commitment.

According to Jurin, Banyat is a skillful parliamentarian, never missing a crucial parliament meeting, and even on the fast track for a promotion within the party ranks to become the party’s deputy spokesman.

At Khlong Thom market, located in Klaeng district, the resilient campaigning spirit was equally tangible. Under the banner of Move Forward, secretary-general Chaitawat Tulathon and party-list MPs Wiroj Lakkhanaadisorn, Bencha Saengchantra and Krunphol Tiansuwan energetically voiced their support for their nominee.

Pita’s powerful message was concise: vote on the forthcoming Sunday to endow the Parliament with a fresh indication of the citizen’s aspirations. He firmly articulated that in a functioning democracy, people are not mere bystanders or pawns but, in fact, they actively steer the country towards their envisioned future.

Move Forward has announced Phongsathorn Sornphetnarin as their champion going into the by-election come Sunday. Interestingly, the event will see only two parties making their case for the pivotal seat.

Pita asserted there are three fundamental reasons for Rayong’s electorate to favor Phongsathorn. Firstly, Move Forward has the initiative to combat the prevailing economic disparity in Rayong, one of Thailand’s richest provinces. Secondly, the residents of Rayong and the Move Forward party both celebrate and foster diversity, with the party’s MPs collectively striving to better serve the people, while optimizing opportunities in their respective regions. Lastly, both Rayong voters and Move Forward MPs share an inherent immunity to corruption. According to Pita, the party symbolizes integrity, transparency, and dependability.

The vacancy for a new representative in Rayong’s constituency 3 arose due to the resonation of the former MP, Nakhonchai Khunnarong, affiliated with Move Forward, following a verdict by the Election Commission. According to them, Nakhonchai, in 1999 had served a prison sentence of a year and six months for robbery.

In accordance with the Constitution, aspiring MP candidates found guilty and sentenced to jail are prohibited from contesting a seat in the House of Representatives.

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