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A million baht pearl is discovered by a lucky Thai couple in their supper

Patjariya Gatip, 27, was celebrating her birthday in Payao when she almost ate a Melo pearl. The couple’s eating companion joked about their wealth because the stone resembled a Melo pearl. The 26-year-old sent the stone to Chiangmai Testing Lab on August 19. The lab confirmed the Melo pearl’s authenticity. A single Melo pearl costs between 6 and 7.5 million Thai Baht, or $200-$250,000. Orange Melo pearls are the most expensive. The tourist was surprised to learn that genuine Melo pearls cost almost 1 million baht. Indian volutes, often called Melo pearls, are large orange sea snails. One in a thousand snail shells contains this pricey and precious pearl.

Patjariya ate something tough while eating grilled Babylon snails, according to the responder. She spat out a pearl-like orange stone. The excited friend said anyone interested in buying the pearl can contact him on Facebook at Pound in’Dy. Melo pearls are found in Myanmar’s Andaman Sea, Bay of Bengal, Vietnam’s South China Sea, Thailand’s Andaman Sea, Gulf of Thailand, and Cambodia’s Gulf of Thailand. Patjariya, his fiancée, said she’ll use the sale proceeds to pay off her family’s debt. When a young Thai couple spotted a rare pearl in a snail while eating at a BBQ restaurant, they learned winning the race wasn’t about having the world at your disposal but about gaining slowly and gradually.

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