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At Bang Saen Beach near Pattaya, drinking and smoking are prohibited

According to the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, drunk driving is a contributing factor in 25% of all traffic accidents and secondhand smoke killed 8,278 individuals. To get the word out about the initiative and enlist the support of locals, business owners, and tourists, they made the decision to launch a marketing campaign. According to Roong-Aroon Liimhapunt, acting director of the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, the project aims to provide visitors with a pleasant environment, lessen the risks of passive smoking, prevent disorder and violence brought on by intoxicated people, and lessen the risks of passive smoking. By prohibiting drinking and smoking there, Chon Buri province officials hope to create Bang Saen Beach a popular tourist destination. According to the narrative, despite having to quit selling smokes and alcohol, owners of coastal restaurants and storefront shops accepted the plan. According to the publication, tourists agreed with the establishment that a restriction on alcohol and smoking would make them feel safer and more at ease. If they continue to break the rules, they will be charged with crimes and subject to punishments that will be made public later. Yesterday, the Saensuk Municipality of Muenf Chon Buri District, the National Institute of Development Administration, and the Thai Health Promotion Foundation unveiled their proposal to ban alcohol and smoking at Bang Saen Beach. More than 1,000 Burapha University students have expressed interest in working on the initiative, claims Rong-Aroon. According to Pramoote Tubtim, the permanent secretary of Pattaya City, Bang Sean advised residents and guests to refrain from bringing in alcohol and smokes. The first warning will be given to anyone who brings alcohol or tobacco to the beach.

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