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Authorities in Bangkok remove transformers from the lot that caught fire

Two persons perished in the horrific Sampeng market fire. The fire was started by a transformer explosion at a three-story shophouse, according to an initial inquiry. Following the Chinatown fire, numerous organizations are creating plans to support Bangkok’s fire safety operations. The transformers will now be examined by MEA experts to see whether they are safe for usage. The MEA governor claims that the company has evaluated more than 450 network transformers in Rattanakosin Island and central Bangkok so far this year. Officials suggested that telecom service providers clean up overhead cables throughout the city at a conference last week. Some of the aforementioned telecom cables were required, according to National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission representatives, but they had to be correctly bundled. He claims that the tests guarantee both the stability of the electrical infrastructure and the safety of the neighboring residents. All overhead cables in Thailand should be precisely divided based on their type before being buried, the officials agreed. One of a group of four network transformers in Bangkok caught fire, according to the governor Wilas Chaloeysat. Two network transformers from the same building that sprang a fire in Chinatown last month were taken apart by the Metropolitan Electrical Authority of Bangkok yesterday. The other two, which are located in the Wat Liab neighborhood, will be removed on July 8 so they can be evaluated.

There are many different kinds of cables, including communication, high voltage, and low voltage cables. It was suggested that the task be finished in sections during the conversation.

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