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Bangkok passport offices experience high demand on Saturdays

Now that it is finally feasible to do so, Thais are planning trips abroad for work, study, or leisure. 788 passports were processed altogether using self-service kiosks and booths for 629 and 159, respectively. Many people discover that getting a new passport or renewing an old one is required. They usually deal with 700 to 900 passports per day. But only 379 transactions were performed exclusively online over the recent weekend. Chatchai Wiriyawechkul, who is currently in charge of overseeing the operations of the offices, has made sure that new Thai passports with modern characteristics have been processed quickly. Don Pramudwinai, the foreign affairs minister, issued an order to streamline operations for quick processing and efficiency, which resulted in the 19 passport offices in Bangkok growing to 27. It has been praised for their quickness. The two passport offices in the Bangkok region that were open on Saturday saw a lot of demand for passport processing. Thai nationals came in large numbers to the Bangyai office in Central Westgate Nonthaburi to get their passports processed. The Pathumwan office, which is housed in the MBK Centre in the heart of Bangkok, started taking clients on Saturday. Two offices opened on Saturday this past weekend, and the administration considered working on weekends in additional regions after seeing the volume of customers.

The customary need of 600 passports was exceeded by 1,718 in a single day. Traditional service counters at booths handled 1,339 more passports. The Covid-19 pandemic is finally approaching to an end, or at least the corresponding travel restrictions are, according to statistics the passport office issued this past weekend. This requires Thai nationals to leave the country as soon as feasible.

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