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Catch of the Day: Thailand’s Navy Apprehends Illegal Vietnamese Fishermen in a High Seas Chase!

In the territorial waters of Thailand, a Vietnamese fishing vessel was intercepted and its team of five crew members apprehended on account of their unlawful fishing activities. This incident took place on a recent Saturday.

The Navy coastal watch ship, Tor 114, was drafted to an area about 51 nautical miles away from the entrance of the Songkhla navigation channel. This was prompted by reports about the presence of several Vietnamese boats suspected of invading Thai territorial waters to carry out their fishing activities. This information was provided by Vice Admiral Jaraskiat Chaiyaphan, who is at the helm of the 2nd Naval Area and also presides as the director of the Region 2 Thailand Maritime Enforcement Command Centre.

Upon reaching the epicenter of the suspected fishing activities, the navy patrol discovered a grup of 15 Vietnamese fishing vessels in operation. This was in a location to the south of Ko Kra Island. The sight of the navy patrol led to a hurried attempt by the fishing vessels to evacuate the area. This prompted a hot chase by the navy patrol ship in their pursuit.

The agility and prowess of the navy patrol led to the successful apprehension of one of the fleeing fishing boats, while the rest managed to evade capture by darting back into Vietnamese waters. The impounded vessel, with its entire crew, was safely escorted back to the Songkhla naval base. This operation was successfully completed by 9 pm on that very Saturday.

The crew members, now in custody, were subsequently handed over to the Thai police force. Detailed interrogation and further legal procedures are anticipated. This case serves as a stern reminder to all international bodies about the seriousness with which Thailand takes the protection of their territorial waters, and their commitment to hold accountable anyone who violates this sovereignty.

It also underlines the admirable efficiency of the Thai navy and their dedication to preserving the integrity of the nation’s maritime resources. The Thai Navy’s ability to respond swiftly and efficiently in such instances is indeed commendable.

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