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Death Trap Averted: Thai Authorities Spur Maritime Safety – An Unexpected Life-saving Move to Guard Millions!

The picturesque island of Phuket, renowned for its idyllic marina featuring myriads of boats dotting the cerulean waters, is making strides towards enhancing maritime safety. With winter descending and the holiday season around the corner, measures are being amplified to ensure safe travels across the Andaman Sea, thanks to the Regional Marine Office 5.

Envisioning an influx of visitors, from globetrotters to aquatic adventure enthusiasts, the director of the office, Prawet Supachai, revealed the deployment of officials across Phuket, Krabi, Ranong, Phangnga, Satun, and Trang. Their mission? To diligently enforce maritime regulations, conduct inspections of piers and vessels, and screen boat licences and crew work permits, and more. Ensuring that the concerned stakeholders, including operators, are in adherence with safety precautions and maritime rules, is paramount.

Ironing out the details of this plan, Supachai expressed the anticipation of an increased number of visitors this season, especially Chinese tourists. This predicted surge is credited to the visa-free scheme introduced for Chinese and Kazakh nationals, valid until the end of February.

As per the data divulged by Supachai, the year witnessed an impressive footfall of approximately 9.1 million travellers passing through the piers managed by the Regional Marine Office 5. An impressive total of 410,000 trips were organized, reflecting the escalating enthusiasm and love for seaward journeys.

So, where did the majority of these aquatic explorers come from? Phuket topped the chart with four million visitors, closely tailed by Krabi with a figure of 3.6 million. Satun, Ranong, Phangnga, and Trang also witnessed a flurry of activity with 760,000, 330,000, 220,000, and 104,000 passengers respectively.

In addition to these measures, marine personnel undertook a comprehensive investigation of several piers in Phuket during the preceding weekend. This deep dive into the inspection of safety measures highlighted their commitment to international standard operations, ultimately prioritizing the visitor’s safety in case of any unforeseen situations and accidents.

In essence, traveling to the enchanting marine realms around Phuket and its sister provinces is not just an experience resplendent with beauty and adventure but also well-guarded with top-notch safety measures, reaffirming the Marine Offices’ commitment to prioritizing travellers’ safety amidst the allure of the Andaman sea.

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