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Experience the Magic of the Bua Tong Field Inauguration! Witness Nature’s Golden Spectacle like Never Before!

The buzzing excitement was palpable as the respected governor stood as a beacon of honor, orchestrating the much-anticipated grand inauguration of Bua Tong field’s tourism season. This grand event unfolded atop the spectacular Doi Mae U Kho mountain, glowing like an emerald in the heart of Tambon Mae U Kho, nestled snugly within the picturesque landscape of Khun Yuam district.

Joy and camaraderie filled the air as the governor’s wife, the gracious chairperson of the Mae Hong Son Red Cross, graced the event. Besides her was the indomitable Khun Yam district chief Narongpat Naksup, and sharing the limelight was Thara Chomsamonlert, the resilient chief of the Tambon Mae U Kho administrative organization. The entourage of esteemed dignitaries made the ceremony sparkle with an extra sheen.

The proceedings unfurled in the majestic Bua Tong Pavilion. Positioned atop the mountain, it was like an oasis nestled amidst a golden sea of resplendent Mexican sunflowers, or Bua Tong flowers, as they are locally known. Their bright yellow persona created a scenic view that left spectators spellbound.

Astounding performances of northern traditional dances served as the cherry on top, adding a layer of cultural essence to the grandeur. An intricate exhibition showcasing the uniqueness and diversity of Mae Hong Son’s OTOP (one tambon, one product) was also unveiled. It was as if the universe had conspired to create a shopping haven for tourists with an irresistible array of local goods.

Awe-inspiring in its enormity, the Bua Tong field spans an impressive 500 rai (80 hectares) of land. It was as if a massive artist’s canvas was unfurled, awash with a sea of golden hues. Sitting majestically at an elevation of 1,600 meters above the median sea level, it takes one’s breath away, both literally and figuratively.

The real spectacle, however, unfolds from mid-November to early December. It’s during this magical period that the yellow Mexican sunflowers bloom in all their glory, transforming the terrain into a sweeping golden carpet. A sight that is nothing short of a spectacular natural miracle. The field, a local treasure, is nestled in Moo 6 village within Tambon Mae U Kho, a stone’s throw away, approximately 25 kilometers from the Khun Yuam district office.

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