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From Battling Call Centre Scams to Boosting Local Fisheries and Tackling Climate Crisis, AOC, DES Ministry and CEOS Unleash Power Moves in Thailand!

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The Anti Online Scam Operation Centre (AOC) has been busy since its inception on November 1st. With more than 2,500 bank accounts frozen in just two weeks, the government-led initiative is making substantial leeway against call centre scams. The spokesperson for the government, Mr Chai Wacharonke, revealed that this swift action was taken on accounts linked to fraudulent activities, averaging a freeze time of just 15 minutes post-receipt of a complaint.

The AOC’s operations were a fulfilling response to the 38,564 cries for help from scam victims they received in their formative fortnight. In response to an unexpected surge in calls, Digital Economy and Society (DES) Ministry expanded the AOC’s bandwidth, ensuring a quicker and more efficient response to these serious complaints.

Switching gears to the maritime sector, Bancha Sukkaew, the Deputy Director-General of the Fisheries Department, highlighted the department’s aim to boost the population of Kurau fish, a species in high consumer demand. Classified as Geographical Indication (GI) products in the Tak Bai district of Narathiwat, Kurau fish aka Polynemidae family members are part of a new strategy to strengthen the local economy as per the new policy of Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Thamanat Prompow.

Economic benefits from the farming and selling of Kurau fish are already realized for the local community with a single kilogram of the fish fetching a pretty penny between 1,300 baht to 1,600 baht. These prized products are given their worth both on domestic and international platforms, where they can be sold and distributed.

Coming to an ecological imperative, the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) is poised to exploit satellite technologies for the greater good. The focus on the climate goes hand in hand with the fight against climate crisis, with the satellites providing crucial data on carbon sequestration— an essential process in reversing the damaging effects of carbon emission.

Guided by the ethos of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, CEOS, under the aegis of Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency Director Pakorn Apaphant, has started leveraging satellite data to study and devise solutions to the global archnemesis, climate change. Adding a new dimension to the space economy, CEOS is pushing its network towards employing space technologies, specifically satellites, in a bid to further bolster climate policies.

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