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Game-Changer Alert: Thai Farmers on the Precipice of Digital Revolution! Discover How Drone Tech Can Skyrocket Agricultural Growth!

Metamorphosing conventional businesses into state-of-the-art hubs offering drone-oriented agricultural services, the MDES and depa, Thailand have launched the revolutionary 1 Tambon 1 Digital (Chumchon Drone Jai) Project. This groundbreaking initiative unfolds a vision to instill understanding, knowledge, and hands-on drone skills for agricultural necessities. Sharing a spotlight on Thai communities and farmers, the project seeks to revolutionise how farming communities operate nationwide.

In an endeavor to cultivate the integration of drone technology across 500 Thai communities in agriculture, the project aspires to mount an economic worth over 350 million baht. Manifesting in tune with the Growth Engine of Thailand policy, the endeavour focusses on enhancing Thailand’s competitive edge on a global frontier. It illuminates a pathway to setup 50 drone service centres countrywide within a year’s ambit.

Mr. Prasert Jantararuangtong, the Minister of Digital Economy and Society (MDES), emphasised the readiness of MDES to sprint towards augmenting a digitally driven economy and society, in alignment with the Growth Engine of Thailand policy. Acknowledging the pivotal operational blueprint focusing on the enhancement of digital prowess and fostering Thailand’s competitiveness, he lauds the 1 Tambon 1 Digital (Chumchon Drone Jai) Project.

Mr. Prasert championed the synergy of MDES, depa, and their project as a conduit driving community enterprises into harnessing digital technology for income multiplication while accommodating to the digital economy era inevitabilities. The project aspires to craft a digital society, anchoring on comprehensive understanding and practical application, in sync with the critical vent of enhancing digital competencies and fortifying Thailand’s competitiveness.

The creative alliance drawn under the project predicates on six key areas. These entail developing courses for launching/piloting unmanned and long-range RC aircraft, fostering digital technology for community groups in the realm of supply chains, research and development exploits focused on the nation’s defense industry, nurturing the unmanned aircraft sector, canvassing the adoption of drone technology across farming communities, and establishing dedicated drone repair and maintenance courses.

These courses identify key stakeholders in their implementation, including the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand, Civil Aviation Training Center, Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives, Department of Agriculture, Defence Technology Institute, Professional Qualification Institute, Kasetsart University, Suranaree University of Technology, and the thriving domain of drone operators in Thailand.

Springboarding this symbiotic alliance, Asst. Prof. Dr. Nuttapon envisages a collaborative initiative aimed at fostering a robust digital ecosystem, powered by drone technology for a dynamically intensive agricultural landscape. Here, an inspiration to transmute conventional businesses into service centres specializing in drone maintenance, spraying, and sales for agriculture gains precedence, with an encompassing seal of approval from the “Made in Thailand: MiT” label by the Federation of Thai Industries, and meeting depa’s exacting dSURE standards.

Dr. Nuttapon further flags the progressive establishment of 50 service centres across Thailand within a year. This development is anticipated to equip 500 communities to imbibe drone technology into their agricultural practices, blanketing at least 4 million rai of land. Replete with training courses for operators of unmanned and long-range RC aircraft, as well as drone launchers and maintenance technicians, the project marks a significant progress in the realm of agricultural practices.

As we march into a future driven by digital evolution, it is a golden opportunity for farmers, communities, and public members to embrace advanced technology and its possibilities. As enablers of this transformation, the 1 Tambon 1 Digital (Chumchon Drone Jai) Project supplies wings to the ambitions of farming communities, poised to fly onwards to exciting new horizons.

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