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Get Ready to Be Astounded! Thailand is Constructing a Second Airport in Phuket – A Jaw-Dropping 148 Billion Baht Plan to Revamp the Tourism Industry!

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Excitement abounds in the tropical paradise of Phuket, Thailand, as the Transport Ministry readies a 148-billion-baht proposal aimed at enhancing the island’s infrastructure. The proposition includes an ambitious plan for erecting a second airport on Phuket, a move targeted at amplifying the island’s reputation as a leading regional tourism hub.

This planning revelation came to light during a recent meeting in Phuket. Transport Minister, Suriya Jungrungreangkit, gave insights into the government’s ongoing efforts to invigorate tourism activity, notably through enticing incentive schemes such as visa exemptions and notable improvements to transport infrastructure.

The ministry is gearing up to submit an impressive portfolio of seven infrastructure upgrading ventures. These ambitious projects, with an earmarked budget of 148 billion baht, are all designed to significantly enhance both the air and land transit options for visitors to the tropical oasis of Phuket. Additionally, they aim to bolster the city’s potential for advancing its investment, economy, trade, and national security status.

Enumerating the proposed projects, Mr Suriya, addressed their scope to encompass multiple highways crisscrossing Phuket, significant highway extensions, innovative overpass construction, and most notably, a second Phuket airport. He pointed out that the budget allocation is expected to kick in during the fiscal year 2024, with completion of a number of projects anticipated by 2026. This includes the highway infrastructure, facilitating more effortless land transit access for both locals and visitors to Phuket.

Adding to these forward-thinking plans, Phuket’s deputy governor, Amnuay Pinsuwan, expressed the readiness of both local government bodies and the business sector to present their demands to Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin during his forthcoming tour of Phuket.

Mr. Amnuay outlined Phuket’s aspirations to enhance its waste management system, address water-related issues, and address environmental challenges. Additionally, the island has plans to improve city planning and ensure increased safety measures for the benefit of locals and tourists alike, all contributing to the overarching ‘Andaman Wellness Economic Corridor’ initiative.

Sharing some insights on the comprehensive analyses that have been undertaken concerning legal procedures required for financial support, Mr Amnuay signaled the readiness of officials to propose these ambitious plans to the prime minister.

Understanding the government’s ongoing commitment to stimulating tourism and visa exemption policies, Mr. Amnuay reaffirmed, “Phuket is prepared and equipped to effectively implement these schemes.”

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