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House votes down cannabis legislation

The bill was rejected by the House 198-136. Lawmakers contend that the bill’s “loose” language could put young people at risk for health problems. According to the Democratic Party, allowing individuals to register to produce marijuana may result in recreational use. Hospital cannabis patients have decreased, according to a House committee spokesperson, since marijuana was became legal in June. The Democratic Party is in favor of adding marijuana back to the list of illegal drugs.

Since legalization, thousands of well-established companies as well as hundreds of tiny firms have started selling cannabis- and hemp-based products. A Bhumjaithai Party lawmaker named Chada Thaiset is against the bill’s withdrawal. The language of the bill, according to Paradorn Prisnananthakul, spokesman for the Bhumjaithai party, addresses cannabis safety. If the law was passed by the House, the Democratic Party supposedly threatened to vote against it. In the event that the bill is withdrawn, the current Parliament’s session, which expires in March 2023, may not see passage. There are more safety precautions now than there were when kratom was authorized last year, notwithstanding the flaws in the cannabis rollout. Due to tales of violent and mentally sick cannabis users, some MPs are concerned about the drug’s removal from the drugs list. According to Krabi’s Democratic MP, drug use is pervasive. She mentioned that marijuana was not involved in these incidents. “The proposed bill seeks to define cannabis use. Cannabis use would be unrestricted absent this law. Another Cannabis and Hemp Bill apparently received second reading approval from a House committee. He claims that public awareness initiatives have controlled the drug and educated people. The day before, the mayor advertised the Central Pattaya marijuana festival. An additional cannabis fair will take place in November at Chang International Circuit in Buri Ram. A new cannabis bill was withdrawn by the Thai legislature.

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