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In 2023, the Pink and Yellow monorail lines will be operational

Commuters will be able to use the monorail trains between January and March of 2019 after Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob this week inspected the progress of the lines. The 52.6 billion baht Pink Line is only 14 percent from completion, while the 49 billion baht Yellow Line is 93 percent finished. After it was revealed yesterday that the Pink and Yellow monorail lines would begin testing in October, commuters in Bangkok may anticipate a considerable improvement in their quality of life. The 30 stations and 34.5 kilometers of the Pink Line in Nonthaburi are used by commuters who live between Ram Intra and Khae Rai. The government announced that it will discuss the possibility of waiving ticket costs for customers who change routes with the administrators of other public transportation systems. The contractor has now delivered 28 of the 30 trains required for the Yellow Line, and two more are scheduled. 26 of the necessary 42 trains are now operating on the Pink Line. It will take three years to build the Pink Line between the stations of Si Rat and Muang Thong Thani. A ticket is projected to cost between 14 and 42 baht. According to data that was released in 2016, transportation authorities predicted that each line will attract between 190,000 and 200,000 travelers in its first year of operation.

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