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In Thailand, more than 100,000 people have registered to produce cannabis at home

More than 100,000 would-be cannabis producers have registered through the ‘Plook Ganja’ website and smartphone app, according to Thailand’s FDA. The Thai people wasted little time in registering to cultivate their own cannabis plants at home after cannabis was decriminalized on June 9. Download the ‘Plook Ganja’ (‘Grow Cannabis’) mobile app (available on IOS and Android) to register. The app has already been downloaded by over 50,000 users. Thai citizens do not require authorization to grow cannabis or hemp legally at home. The cannabis planter must specify whether they are producing the plant for personal use, treating someone else’s health concern, for household use, for use in the creation of other therapeutic items, or for commercial use during the registration procedure (this list is not exhaustive). They only need to notify the FDA that they want to grow cannabis in one of two ways. More than 3,000 cannabis inmates will be released from Thai prisons on narcotics charges relating to cannabis.

Farmers can also sign up for the ‘Plook Ganja’ website, which will provide them an electronic receipt once the process is completed. The website collapsed this morning due to a large number of individuals attempting to register at the same moment, but it has since been restored. Although it is no longer illegal to possess marijuana in Thailand, “emitting cannabis smoke” can result in a three-month prison sentence if the cannabis smoker is reported as causing a public nuisance. Growing marijuana at home looks to be a luxury reserved for Thais only for the time being, as registration requires a Thai ID card number. As of today, June 9, all parts of the cannabis plant, including the leaves, stalks, flowers, stems, and roots, are no longer categorized as a Category 5 narcotic. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) levels in extracts from the plant, like as oil, must not exceed 0.2 percent.

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