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Insurgents burn shops and gas stations in the Deep South

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In Yala province, four further bombs targeted convenience stores, including three 7-Eleven locations in the Yaha, Bannang Star, and Mueng districts, as well as a Mini Big C in the Raman district. Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Forensic Science Office officers said they would investigate the scenes today to acquire additional evidence to track down the militants. They demolished six 7-Eleven shop locations, a Mini Big C, and locations in Bacho, Si Sakhon, Su-ngai Golok, Rueso, and Chanae. Regarding the occurrences’ fatalities and injuries, there is no confirmation. Four suspects were seen riding motorbikes in Yala, where a witness reported seeing them toss bombs inside the convenience stores.

For the protection of customers and employees, all convenience stores in Yala are currently temporarily closed.

In Pattani, there were reportedly two additional bombs. The initial one erupted at the Bang Chak Petrol Station in the Nong Chik district’s Bor Thong sub-district. In the Tung Yang Daeng district’s Nam Dam subdistrict, a Mini Big C was the scene of the second bombing in Pattani. The incidents did not result in any documented deaths or injuries. At various gas stations and convenience stores in three Deep South provinces, including Narathiwat, Yala, and Pattani, bomb blasts were recorded last night. According to the media, bomb blasts occurred between 12.20 and 12.40 in six Narathiwas provincial districts.

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