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Is There a Chance That Cannabis Will Be Reclassified as a Narcotic?

According to Deputy Prime Minister Wisanu, the ONCB may inquire about the concerns of the cabinet and other parties, and may also request assistance from the Ministry of Public Health in presenting explanations for any difficulties that may arise as a consequence of the investigation’s findings. Due to the fact that the board does not possess the necessary jurisdiction, the ministerial pronouncements cannot be postponed, suspended, or changed. According to statements made by Anutin, Minister of Health, there is absolutely no possibility that cannabis would ever again be placed in the category of a prohibited substance. According to him, there is zero possibility that this will take place. According to the comments made by Wisanu Krea, ngam has the position of Deputy Prime Minister. The Office of the Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) does not have the authority to change or cancel ministerial proclamations that have been signed by Anutin Charnvirakul on the decriminalization of cannabis. These ministerial proclamations were made by the Minister of Public Health. Mr. Wissanu was responding to reports in the media that the ONCB was scheduled to discuss the possibility of reversing two ministerial announcements of the Ministry of Public Health signed by Mr. Anutin. Such a move could result in cannabis being reclassified as a narcotic drug, as it was before it was formally removed from the Type 5 narcotic drug list. Mr. Wissanu was referring to the fact that cannabis was formally removed from the Mr. Wissanu was responding to reports that had been made in the media suggesting that the ONCB was going to consider the possibility of overturning their decision.

In addition, he emphasized that he possesses the complete authority to sign ministerial announcements, after which he can present them to the Cabinet Secretariat in order for them to be published in the Royal Gazette and, as a result, be recognized as legitimate. He continued by saying that those who support and those who oppose the decriminalization of marijuana both have valid points. According to him, the decriminalization of marijuana is beneficial not only to the healthcare industry in the country but also to the efforts that the government is making to generate income and stimulate the economy. He proceeded by noting that it is vital to develop a legislative framework that effectively stops individuals from consuming cannabis for recreational purposes. He said this in order to prevent people from misusing cannabis for recreational purposes.


  1. Benito March 14, 2023

    It is not only bad for Thailands reputation to see how tourists gettng introduced to drugs for maybe their first time in life, it is even worst to see all these international thugs and criminals of various shades coming to Thailand and flocking to this business…

    • Cokface March 15, 2023

      You have zero idea.
      The wealth it’s created for many local Thai’s.
      Drug dealers won’t come for dealing here, stupid idiot.

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