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Long-term solar power plans may be required for electric automobiles

Delta Electronics (Thailand) Plc plans ahead for stable power supplies. Delta’s director of energy infrastructure solutions says they would be less reliant on public electricity with solar inverters and batteries. Microgrids will lower electricity bills and help Thailand fight global warming, he said.

As more items are released and more people buy them, the EV business is expected to develop. The number of battery EVs registered in Thailand rose 188% from the previous year, according to the Land Transport Department. The electronics manufacturer proposes each charging station be a solar-powered microgrid. Kittisak expects charging stations in homes, condos, and other buildings.

As the Thai EV market matures, power demand will rise. He said the government must boost power reserves to provide ample electricity during peak hours.

Delta says that establishing their own micro networks would be preferable than Thailand’s national grid. Charging stations could use micro grids. Delta plans to showcase EV charging options in 2019 at its Samut Prakan and Chachoengsao plants. Adding extra equipment to the station will improve power management and sustainable energy programs. How much electricity will we need if 2,000 PTT petrol stations become EV chargers? He thinks that micro networks will help fulfill growing electricity demand. As electric cars (EVs) grow increasingly widespread, future charging choices could use solar power.

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