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Masks off, bars open until 2 a.m. Thailand is now open

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At this time, private shops or offices may also decide to demand the wearing of a mask. For the time being, it is still necessary in Thai airports and on domestic flights. However, if not required, wearing a face mask will be optional. The entire nation has been declared a “green” zone, permitting a complete return of business and activity, with the Thailand Pass being eliminated the following Friday. Right now, things are as close to normal as they possibly can be. Public transportation, including the BTS, MRT lines, and buses, will continue to require face masks. You must provide proof of vaccination for fully immunized travelers arriving in Thailand who are 18 years of age or older.

In reality, it’s likely that bars and clubs will stay open far later than the required hours, just as in the “old” days. Following their publication in the Royal Gazette, the CCSA’s decisions from June 17 went into effect yesterday, including the restoration of previous nightlife closing times and the elimination of mask restrictions (in open spaces). Business is open in Thailand. However, you will still need to have some documentation with you to show immigration when you disembark the aircraft. The CCSA last week declared that establishments will be able to stay open until 2am, but 1am in some places, with regard to nightlife closing times in Thailand. The Thailand Pass will thereafter no longer be necessary starting on Friday for anyone entering Thailand from abroad. The mandatory US$10,000 insurance requirement will also be eliminated as a result. You won’t need to submit any pre-travel digital applications or pre-approval as of next Friday, July 1, just come as usual.

The shots have to be administered at least 14 days before you traveled to Thailand. A negative PCR or professionally performed ATK test taken within the previous 72 hours is required for visitors visiting Thailand who are unvaccinated or have received insufficient vaccinations. Children under the age of 18 who travel with their parents or a guardian will not be required to provide proof of immunization. You must have gotten at least one Covid-19 immunization, again at least 14 days prior to your date of travel, for those between the ages of 5 and 17. If you have a border pass and are entering the country over a land border, you are permitted to remain up to three days in most areas.

It is best to inquire about your carrier’s most recent travel restrictions. At this point, you might also need to wear a mask on the airplane. These tests-on-arrival will be carried out randomly, according to last week’s CCSA conference. Without proof of immunization or a negative test, travelers arriving in Thailand will be examined at their own expense. Without vaccination documentation or a negative test, it’s unlikely that check-in employees would let passengers board planes to Thailand. Anyone who tests positive will also be charged for their Thai medical care.

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