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Nan’s Road 3 has been a picture-perfect destination in recent years

As a result of the recent surge in popularity of the stunning road as a destination for tourists, the path has not yet been overrun by merchants offering a variety of goods to tourists, including food and beverages as well as mementos. Pavements in the neighborhood have been upgraded by the government, and efforts have been made to maintain the surrounding area tidy. There aren’t any obstructions to the vistas or the road, but there are a few restaurants hidden away where tourists may relax and have a meal. Even though the route is becoming increasingly popular and attracts a growing number of visitors, the hills continue to provide opportunities for people to observe and photograph the way the road carves its way through the gorgeous hillside.

Cars pull over to the side of the road and out of the way of the scenery so that people with properly timed cameras can take photographs without interruption. Because of the location’s growing popularity as a place for travelers to stop and shoot pictures that are perfect for Instagram, professional photographers now wait by the roadside to provide guests with high-quality keepsake photographs of their vacation. They offer their services and engage in price haggling, often settling on charges ranging from 100 to 1,000 baht, depending on the number of individuals, poses, and photographs they take. They are typically available for travelers who desire professional photographs between the hours of 8:00 am and 6:00 pm. After posing with her group of seven friends for almost 400 photographs in the span of twenty minutes for the purpose of being a professional photographer, a Bangkok-based Thai tourist shared her impressions of the trip. “The route that Road 3 takes is particularly unique in comparison to the routes that other roads in other provinces take. It’s almost incredible how humans were able to create such a gorgeous environment, especially considering they had no idea that it would one day be a popular destination for tourists. The morning that I went, there were several groups hiring photographers, and I noticed three photographers taking shots. We have all endured arduous car rides in order to reach an exciting tourist destination. But what if the journey itself is the point of interest? In the province of Nan, there is a beautiful stretch of road known as Road 3 that is quickly becoming a popular tourist attraction due to its attractive qualities. The stunning landscape of the northern province was traversed by Highway 1081, which connected the Bo Kluea district to the Santi Suk district. When the weather is fine, there is a stretch of road that winds its way through the rolling hills beneath a clear blue sky. The road makes a bend that looks like the number three, which is how it got its moniker. The route is at its busiest between 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday, and throughout most of the day on weekends due to the uniqueness of the form paired with the natural beauty of the area.

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