Minister of Public Health Anutin Charnvirakul has dismissed an effort to re-criminalize cannabis amid continued efforts to reverse the nation’s recent decision to legalize the drug. According to Anutin, who also serves as deputy prime minister, the cannabis debate has been resolved and is concluded. Those who oppose the legalization of marijuana are reclassifying it as a narcotic of Type 5. In this case, the drug would fall within the purview of the Office of Narcotics Control. Anutin, however, believes that the legalization of cannabis would not lead to an increase in the drug’s usage by minors because it will only be used for medical purposes. Despite the fact that smoking marijuana is more difficult than consuming alcohol or smoking cigarettes, the risk is rather modest, he advised parents to keep a tight eye on their children. “Now that the law has been approved, individuals who oppose the planned use of cannabis should do all in their power to extend their understanding of the issue and change their perspective. In addition, we have prohibited minors from purchasing or consuming the plant. The reason behind the law’s prohibition is that they should solely depend on their family.” Anutin has always maintained that his party, the Bhumjaithai Party, supported the legalization of cannabis for therapeutic purposes only. They did not foresee or believe an increase in recreational use would occur. However, since cannabis became legal in Thailand, shops have sprung up on nearly every street corner in the country’s most popular tourist locations.

A number of government officials are afraid that the open use of cannabis could increase the number of young people who smoke cigarettes. Due to the absence of laws, they are also concerned that individuals would experiment with potentially hazardous chemicals. A new cannabis bill, according to Anutin, will feature a notification procedure that specifies categorically which products and uses are permissible and which are prohibited. “We needed to release the notification in order to allay public and political worries about the recreational use of cannabis cola or clustered flowers,” which could result in opposition to the measure. “We were required to provide the notification in order to allay public and political concerns regarding the recreational use of cannabis cola or clustered flowers.” As a result of the announcement, investors will have a greater level of confidence in their medicinal cannabis companies. Even though we have not observed anything out of the norm, we are tremendously concerned for the safety of the users.

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