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Pattaya’s mayor claims more tourists are visiting but spending less

The differences in expenditure could be caused by Pattaya’s changing visitor population. The city’s mayor, Poramet Ngampichet, claims that the issue is that they are reducing their budget. Pattaya also missed out on Chinese tourists, another group with a reputation for spending more money than Vietnamese and Indian visitors. 3.3 million foreign visitors traveled to Thailand between January and July of this year, according to the Thai Tourism Authority. In June, Malaysia overtook India as Thailand’s leading source of visitors.
On Tuesday, the mayor asserted that the majority of the city’s one million foreign visitors this year were Indian and Vietnamese, who made less money than visitors from other European nations. Five out of every six tourists to Pattaya this year, according to Poramet, were Thai. This is the reason the government should focus on bringing back Chinese tourists, according to some food vendors at Pattaya’s floating market earlier this month. The “Land of Smiles” welcomed 337,000 Indian tourists compared to 420,000 Malaysian ones. Poramet emphasized that many tourist attractions are still operating at a reduced capacity. However, he said that as tourism develops, this might change by year’s end, giving Thais greater employment opportunities. The following three countries with the most visitors to Thailand were Singapore, the UK, and Laos. As Thailand gradually recovers from the economic destruction brought on by COVID-19, more foreign tourists are coming to Pattaya.

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