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Phuket on the Brink of Transformation: Chamber of Commerce President Issues Urgent Plea to New PM – Dreams or Disasters on the Horizon?

Amid the picturesque landscapes of Phuket, approach times teeter on the edge of epoch-making changes as expectations reach fever pitch, all eyes looking to Thailand’s newly elected 30th Prime Minister, Srettha Thavisin, for decisions that could shape the island’s future. The man at the heart of this pulsating anticipation is Kongsak Khupongsakorn, President of Phuket’s Chamber of Commerce, who is unwavering in his resolve to drive forward the economic growth of his treasured province, looking to cutting-edge innovations that can bring forth sustainable development.

Kongsak’s inclusive stance is commendable as he expresses readiness to work in unison with members from across political divides, sidestepping politics to focus on problem solving. His expectations from the newly appointed PM are apparent: swift action on a range of pressing issues and stalled projects shaping the present and future of Phuket. “Every tick of the clock is a missed opportunity to us,” asserts Kongsak, his urgency apparent. “Phuket has several stalled projects, and we cannot afford to procrastinate further. We need the Cabinet and PM’s support to breathe life into them.”

Three projects that particularly stoke the entrepreneurial and administrative spirit in Kongsak and require governmental approbation are:

  1. Proposed Road Construction Project: No stranger to crippling traffic congestion, Phuket is ready for an infrastructural upheaval that could push it towards growth. A new road proposal, if given the green signal, could transform the mode of transfer from Phuket Airport right into the city heart, extending all the way to the bustling Kathu district and even boring through to the picturesque locale of Patong. Could this expedited connectivity transform the province as we know it?
  2. Drought Solution Project: Not one to shy away from addressing ecological issues, Kongsak also stresses the approval of the Regional Water Authority’s proposed project to divert water from the generously flowing Phang Nga to the rather parched Phuket province. With a whopping budget of 3,000 million baht, this project represents a solution to the drought-stricken island, potentially quenching their thirst for years to come.
  3. Envisioned Second Phuket Airport: The proposal to build a second Phuket Airport is a testament to Phuket’s transition to reach more heights. With the existing airport already teeming at maximum capacity, this second airport could be the remedy to the unceasing demand. However, the current study and design phase has a long journey of at least a decade standing between concept and reality. Kongsak urges Srettha to expedite this urgently needed lifeline.

Ever the optimist, Kongsak is high on hope that PM Srettha would spring into action and help bring these projects to fruition. Despite his disappointment at the province’s failure to secure hosting rights to the specialized expo in 2027/2028, he believes setbacks are stepping stones to success. To Kongsak, every setback is but another opportunity to strengthen the resolve and intensify the efforts. And with strong leadership from Srettha, he envisages a blossoming future for Phuket. The island waits with bated breath for these embarked projects to transform from dreams into reality.

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