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Since May, Phuket has seen over 900,000 tourists, according to Thai immigration

Between May 1 and November 27, Thai immigration officials in Phuket kept track of about 900,000 tourists. During that time, a total of 934,164 tourists visited the island province, bringing the total number of tourists to 934,164. There are 914,746 tourists who are not from Thailand, but only 19,418 tourists are from Thailand. In the meantime, the Phuket Walking Street Sunday Market, which is also called “Laad Yai,” continues to get a lot of visitors every week. Somyos Patan, vice president of the Old Phuket Town Community, says that the market is one of the most important places for tourists to see in Phuket. He also says that tourists must go to the famous market in Phuket Old Town. Phuket’s Old Town is where the market is. In November, Russians made up the largest group of tourists in Phuket.

The month before, 55,097 people from Russia went to the island province. Russian tourists are filling up chartered flights to Phuket and Pattaya. Aeroflot has said that they will increase the number of direct flights to Phuket. This comes less than two weeks after Russian airlines made a successful return to the island. The main airline in Russia announced on November 12 that there would be 14 more flights a week between Russia and Phuket. The deputy governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) said a week ago that more than one million Russian tourists will visit Thailand in 2019. As of October 26, more than seven million people from outside Thailand had been there as tourists. The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) thinks that between 7 and 10 million tourists will visit the country by 2022. After the Covivirus pandemic, Phuket’s tourism business is still getting better. Last month, Indian tourists made up the second-largest group of visitors to Phuket, according to Phuket Immigration. In total, there were 26,525 of them. At 13,868, Australian tourists were the third most numerous group. There were 12,340 British tourists, making them the fourth largest group. Germany had 11,097 tourists from that country, which put it in fifth place. Thai tourism officials were completely taken aback by the recent influx of Russian tourists. Even though there is still fighting between Russia and Ukraine, the head of the Association of Thai Travel Agents says that Russian tourism has returned much faster than expected (ATTA).

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