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Suvarnabhumi Airport to speed up with new PVS check-in system

The new PVS will be formally unveiled at the airport on September 1 and will be available to both domestic and international passengers at Terminal 4. Employees from the airport will continue to be available at nearby counters to answer any questions and show customers who are confused how to use the PVS automated system how to do so. Airport officials said in a statement issued yesterday that the PVS technology will improve security at Suvarnabhumi Airport while also increasing efficiency in the passenger screening process. The PVS will give an extra layer of fraud protection by verifying each passenger’s itinerary information, according to the airport.

The new technologies will need automated passenger screening at kiosks in order to bring Bangkok’s main airport up to date with global standards for passenger security. The PVS will guarantee that the passenger screening process is efficient and accurate and will prevent unauthorized individuals from entering areas that are off-limits or under flight control. Travelers will have their boarding passes scanned by the PVS scanner and the system will collect their trip information, whether they are paper documents or electronic passes. First, Airport 4 will host the program’s launch, with 15 counters initially scattered throughout the terminal.

• For out-of-country visitors:

• Zone 2, rows J–K, will have two counters for outgoing passengers.

• Zone 3, rows S–T, will have three foreigner-specific counters.

• Concerning Thai nationals

• Rows C–D will have eight counters for leaving passengers.

Additionally, this technology will prevent the reuse of previously scanned boarding passes.

Two more check-in counters are located in rows L to M, but it wasn’t specified whether they were for Thai passport holders or foreigners.

If you have any inquiries concerning the program, call the Suvarnabhumi Airport call center at 1722. Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok’s largest international airport, is undergoing renovations including the installation of a new system for passenger validation.

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