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TAT’s incredible Dark Sky Thailand campaign will promote stargazing

The TAT and the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand have joined forces to create the new Amazing Dark Sky Thailand program, which aims to entice tourists who enjoy gazing up at the night sky. An open space where the sky above could be observed without too much light pollution and where major celestial objects could be seen with the unassisted eye was required for a black sky conservation area. The locations are spread out over the kingdom’s five main geographic regions. The TAT governor characterized the initiatives as a cutting-edge tourist draw that will lure tourists to travel to various regions of the country. The selected dark sky conservation areas, according to NARIT’s implementing director, are locations with tourist services, but with wide open spaces and no artificial light pollution, permitting astronomical observation without the use of telescopes or other equipment.

This is carried out in support of the “Visit Thailand Year 2022-2023: Amazing New Chapters” campaign and to advertise dark sky tourism as another unique travel opportunity. Stargazing enthusiasts can do it at a number of locations throughout Thailand, sometimes in conjunction with other tourist attractions and activities like seeing meteor showers and eclipses as they happen. The effort was first started when NARIT joined the TAT in 2020 to raise awareness about light pollution, or what is apparently now termed as dark sky conservation. The goal was to create a brand-new type of tourism that would make starry nights an attraction unto themselves while retaining peaceful and secluded areas. There must be accommodations, dining options, and facilities available, as well as staff members who can educate visitors on the basics of astronomy. In a country where the main preoccupation with celestial bodies is when to party for the Full Moon, the new project develops a list of 12 excellent locations across the country for stargazing and black sky preservation.

If you’re searching for Thailand’s next big thing, the Tourism Authority of Thailand suggests looking aloft. A trip guide with instructions and astronomy details has been published along with a website for more information. The following regions are now a part of the Amazing Dark Sky Thailand program:

Dark Sky Properties are The Piano Resort in Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima, Gran-Monte Wine Vineyard in Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima, Alcidini Wine Vineyard in Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima, Muak Lek ATV Stadium in Muak Lek District, Saraburi, Raintree Residence Hotel in Khao Yai, Nakhon Ratchasima, and Ban Rai Yai Cha Phlu in Muak Lek District, Saraburi

Dark Sky Community is On Tai Community in San Kamphaeng District, Chiang Mai

Dark Sky Conservation Areas in National Parks are Pa Hin Ngam National Park, Chaiyaphum, Pha Taem National Park, Ubon Ratchaburi, Phu Langka National Park, Chaiyaphum, Huai Nam Dang National Park, Chiang Mai, and Phu Khieo-Thung Kraman Wildlife Sanctuary, Chaiyaphum

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