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Thailand has welcomed the Aquaverse theme park from Columbia Pictures

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Aquaverse, the first theme park produced by Columbia Pictures, is the world’s first. Twenty minutes from Pattaya, they opted for Bang Saray. It features attractions and rides based on Hotel Transylvania, Jumanji, Zombieland, Bad Boys, The Emoji Movie, and Ghostbusters. The attraction for all ages would combine theme parks with water parks. There will be Thai and other restaurants, themed zones, water and land attractions, and more. The event will feature live acts, unique venues, and retail businesses. There are exhilarating waterslides and calming activities like a huge jacuzzi in the water park area. The first wave pool theater in the world allows guests to watch movies while relaxing in a wave pool. There are drop slides and a kid’s section for larger kids. Amazon Falls and Sony Pictures Entertainment constructed 35 rai in Pattaya. The 80-acre park will be inaugurated in two stages. Reports indicate that Columbia Pictures’ Aquaverse will not premiere until 2024. The long-term objective of Aquaverse is to attract 1 million annual visitors through international marketing in 80 countries. The Pattaya theme park will serve as a springboard for the creation of further attractions based on popular movies and television shows. Their website offers discounts on grand opening tickets. Individual dinner tickets cost 1,728 Thai Baht. With incentives, ten people would pay $1,487 for five pizzas, ten beers, and ten orders of french fries.

Aquaverse, a film produced by Columbia Pictures, premieres on October 12. The film and television production company decided to build in Thailand. Pattaya was selected due to its proximity to U-Tapao International Airport, high-speed trains, and convenient transportation. The park is open everyday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The ceremony was attended by Pattaya Mayor Poramaese Ngampiches and Amazon Falls CEO Liakat Dhanji. Aquaverse is finally accepting customers after the delays caused by Covid-19. The mayor was content. Pictures Columbia Aquaverse will soon bring a world-class attraction to Pattaya, hence drawing more international tourists. The waterpark is extraordinary and unique. We welcome everyone to spend their vacation with us.

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