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Thailand’s Cannabis Industry: From Celebration to Regulation

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If you thought Thailand was just about stunning beaches and delicious Pad Thai, hold onto your hats, because the cannabis scene here is rolling out events and regulations faster than you can say “Tom Yum Goong!”

The 2nd Phuket Cannabis Cup: Where ‘High’ Meets Health

Save the Date: December 1-2, 2023, at the Blue Tree Water Park, Phuket – The Phuket Cannabis Cup is back for its second puff! This isn’t just your average garden party; it’s a holistic health haven with a cannabis twist. Picture this: a medley of wellness activities, educational talks that are actually fun, and a deep dive into the green wonder that is cannabis. Plus, with the event being held at a water park, who says you can’t mix a little splash with your stash?

WEEDTH People’s Choice Awards: The Oscars of Cannabis

And in this corner, weighing in with over 6,100 dispensaries, the WEEDTH People’s Choice Awards! Talk about a green thumb competition – with a trophy and a cash prize of ฿50,000, it’s like the Oscars, but for dispensaries. Who will be the Meryl Streep of marijuana? The Leonardo DiCaprio of leaf? Voting ends on November 30th, so get your click on and help crown the cannabis king (or queen)! Check out the contenders and cast your vote at WEED.TH Best Dispensaries.

The Great Green Regulation Makeover

Amidst the festivities, Thailand’s government is playing the role of the responsible parent, revising cannabis regulations to ensure things don’t get too wild. Following the May elections, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin and his team are tweaking the laws to keep cannabis on the medical side of the street. The move, expected to see daylight in December, is like telling the party it can keep going, but maybe turn the music down a bit and hide the recreational snacks.

A Potpourri of Pot Parties and Policies

So, as Thailand gears up for the Phuket Cannabis Cup and the WEEDTH Awards, the government’s busy cooking up new rules in the background. It’s a classic tale of fun meets formalities, green meets governance. Whether you’re here for the holistic highs or just keeping an eye on the legal landscape, Thailand’s cannabis story is rolling out to be an entertaining one, with a side of regulation.

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  1. Mikko niemi November 18, 2023

    Well,there are astonisingly many cannabis shops in Pattaya for example.However,dont waste your money: they have already watered thd contentst in their products using their laws to such an extent that buying their ^copy products^ makes no sense at all.

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