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Thaksin’s Health Scandal: A Manipulated Escape from Prison or a Genuine Crisis? The Shocking Truth Revealed!

When the petition was presented, the Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Sahakarn Petchnarin, received it. Although he confirmed that the ministry’s approach towards Thaksin’s situation was consistent with standards of health ethics. Sahakarn explained Thaksin’s treatment would require preventative measures lasting approximately 10 days.

Upon completion of this preventative regimen, Thaksin will receive the same consideration as other detainees. This includes the necessary changes to his physical appearance, such as hair removal, as well as a switch to prison uniform, as stipulated by the system.

Responding to these updates, the group shed light on their disbelief concerning Thaksin’s reported health challenges. They asserted their position, stating, “Whilst remains the question of Thaksin’s health, we do not buy into the narrative, especially as Thaksin has yet to spend a night behind the bars since his arrival.”

To further articulate their demands, the People and Student Network for the Reform of Thailand outlined four essentials points. Moreover, these were integral parts of their petition.

1. First, suppose Thaksin’s medical needs necessitate care from the Police General Hospital or any private medical facility. In that case, the Department of Corrections should deploy specialized medical experts from the Royal College of Physicians of Thailand to conduct a meticulous and comprehensive physical examination on Thaksin. This step would help ascertain whether outside medical care is required.

2. Secondly, the Department of Corrections has a crucial role to play in ensuring Thaksin is subjected to the same regulations and standards as other inmates.

3. The Ministry of Justice is called to guarantee parity across the justice process. No convict, including Thaksin, should enjoy preferential treatment. In addition, the impartiality of proceedings must be protected and uncompromised.

4. Lastly, the group requested the Ministry of Justice to tread cautiously on the matter of royal pardons for individuals like Thaksin. It’s crucial to remember that royal interpolation hasn’t traditionally been employed for corruption-related offenses. If Thaksin were pardoned, this could serve as a precedent that enables other political figures and public servants convicted of corruption to escape imprisonment.

Following these proceedings, officials confirmed that Thaksin remained in the Police General Hospital. They further approved a visit from 10 of his relatives scheduled for September 28.

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