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The Thai Pharmacy Council calls on the government to restrict marijuana usage outside of medical settings and to end unfettered planting and growing

According to council president Supanai Prasertsuk, the Pharmacy Council has continuously supported the decriminalization of cannabis and hemp for medical purposes. Government protections and controls are inadequate, resulting in documented recreational planting usage and abuse after it was deemed legal, which regularly confuses the general public.

The Council, which claimed to have worked closely with the populace, requested that the government move forward with the suspension of free marijuana planting without proper controls because the current policies are not being implemented effectively and because the distribution of cannabis flowers to the general public must be legalized, written with clear distribution locations, limited quantities, and groups of people who co-operate. Stop organizing leisure activities that can cause misunderstandings and any campaigns that are aimed at children, vulnerable groups, or the sick.

The Pharmacy Council of Thailand demanded that the government control marijuana usage for non-medical purposes and stop free marijuana planting and growing in a statement released today, July 29.

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