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Travelers from Thailand are advised not to bring cannabis into other nations

The government is taking steps to control the free-for-all and impose some regulations and limitations on its use, and they are now cautioning people to remember that legalization in Thailand does not equate to legalization worldwide and that bringing cannabis to other countries could ruin their vacation plans. Anyone traveling from Thailand should be advised not to carry any extracts, goods, or plant parts into South Korea, according to the Royal Thai Embassy there. Vietnam, Japan, and Indonesia have all issued similar advisories. Even worse, anybody found in possession of the plant or its products could be subject to criminal penalties like fines, jail time, or even the death penalty.

Authorities advise Thai nationals not to travel with any cannabis-related items because cannabis, hemp, or marijuana is still widely regarded as a narcotic and is still prohibited in many nations. After encountering problems with travelers from Thailand carrying the recently legalized plant, several adjacent nations have already started issuing warnings. They forewarned that possession might be punishable severely in other nations. The punishments can be severe in some nations, sometimes going as far as the death penalty. The legalizing of cannabis on June 9 has sent many Thais into a frenzy about their newfound freedom to cultivate, sell, and use the well-known plant. Before traveling with anything cannabis-related in their possession, it is advised that anyone who is currently using cannabis for therapeutic purposes check all the rules and legislation of the country they are going to. In other nations where cannabis is still illegal, visitors risk being expelled or perhaps being barred from entering for the rest of their lives.

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