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Uncovered: Telecom Titan True’s Corp Sweeping Lifeline for Thai Citizens in Israel – Free Communication Services Until 2023!

Guided by a profound commitment to ensuring the wellbeing and safety of its invaluable base, True Corporation wholeheartedly ventures into round-the-clock communication services. These come out as perfect gifts for both TrueMove H and dtac customers stationed in Israel, ensuring costless domestic and international call services that shrink the distance to their loved ones in Thailand. This generous provision spans from today, all through to October 31, 2023.

This fresh protective measure reinforces the already instituted roaming service in Israel. For TrueMove H and dtac customers, it is a lifeline. This is essentially, an open window to request for emergency facilitation from the majestic heart of Thailand, the Thai Royal Embassy based in Tel Aviv. Besides, both True and dtac Call Centers chip in to offer support, free of charge, a service that has been flowing since October 7th, 2023.

Supplementing this lifeline is an information bridge that utilizes SMS broadcast to disseminate vital news and information. How beneficial this will be for our customers in Israel! With frequent updates and information flow, they can decide confidently about their security and steps to take.

Chakkrit Urairat, the (Acting) Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at True Corporation Plc, noted with concern the ongoing strains and tensions in Israel. He sent a message of solidarity, particularly to Thai denizens living within these clutches. In his words, “True Corporation, playing its role as a telecommunications provider, deeply understands the vitality of moral support and open communication lines, especially in such times. Since October 7th, 2023, we ignited our roaming service for TrueMove H and dtac customers within the Israeli boundaries. This service allows them to ring and request emergency aid from the Thai Royal Embassy situated in Tel Aviv or get facilitation from True and dtac Call Centers, without incurring any cost.”

A step further, True Corporation has rolled up its sleeves and amplified its communication service bouquet. Currently, TrueMove H and dtac customers can joyfully make outgoing calls while also receiving incoming calls at no cost while in Israel. On top of that, they can also dial their families in Thailand, or send them text messages without worrying about the bill, round the clock, from today all the way till October 31st, 2023.

“Bearing in mind the tenuous circumstance, we are mulling over stretching the free service should there be no improvement. We are deeply aware that accurate and time-sensitive facts are needed to make sound decisions and guarantee everyone’s safety. For this reason, we have reached out to the Royal Thai Embassy in Israel, partnering with them to become message carriers through SMS Broadcast. They will provide valuable insights for TrueMove H and dtac customers in Israel; a bridge that supports seamless communication between the public sector and those seeking refuge in safe areas. The cumulative aura of these communication services clearly mirrors True Corporation’s concern and care. We are hopeful that the tides will turn and normalcy shall return swiftly,” concluded Chakkrit.

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