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Unpredictable Weather Ahead: Thailand Braces for an Unusual Late Arrival of Cold Season! How Will it Impact You?

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The exotic realm of Thailand is standing on the cusp of a season change as a frigid draft from the frosty north is prepped to bring the mercury down, heralding the advent of the cool season. Borrowing from the latest updates from the Thailand Meteorological Department (TMD), this arctic front gradually gained ground in the area over the preceding weekend, partnering with gusty winds.

This climatic transition, nonetheless, won’t be a smooth sail and is set to pose certain challenges. A southeast-blowing breeze is foreseen to breed rain showers and thunderous tempests, primarily targeting the lower eastern part, the northeastern territory, central regions and the urban jungle that is Bangkok, inclusive of its surrounding counties.

Proceeding with the meteorological forecast, the southern districts and the Gulf of Thailand are set to join the rain parade too. The concerned department, in consideration of the sea-goers, has flagged cautionary advice for all the fishermen navigating these torrents, alerting them about the potential high surges and brisk winds.

The frosty wave making its grand entrance tomorrow, November 14, will range from moderate to powerful, briskly sweeping across the country’s upper landscape. The chill will be escorted by stormy breezes and a prospective period of showers in the subsequent days. The arrival of these conditions undeniably serves as a whistle-blower, declaring the commencement of the cool season that is foreseen to firmly establish its presence in the Thai atmosphere by Thursday.

As per the estimations made by The TMD, the bitterest cold is expected to clutch the mountain peaks in the upcoming weekend. Prioritizing health, they have issued a cautious advisory, warning that the seasonal switch could potentially have detrimental effects on the populace’s health. Simultaneously, the inhabitants of the southern periphery have been suggested to brace themselves for the anticipated deluge and massive waves.

Adding another note to the forecast announcement, the department shed light on this year’s late cool-season appearance. Unlike the usual tradition which expects the cool season to kick-off between mid and end of October, this year is witnessing a change with the season arriving almost two weeks later than its usual schedule.

In the context of recurring seasonal occurrences, the annual smog season in Thailand’s northern provinces became a hot topic due to escalating public outcry. A case in point is 28-year-old Dr. Krittai Tanasombatkul from Chiang Mai, who, despite not indulging in smoking, was diagnosed with lung cancer. Unexpectedly thrusted into the spotlight, he utilized his social media presence to raise a pertinent question about why the constant PM2.5 pollution issue has not yet met its resolution at the hands of the authorities. Stretch your knowledge about this issue by reading the full article HERE.

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