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Unseen Terror: Decaying Flood Waters Threaten Health and Home in Ubon Ratchathani – What Lies Beneath!

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Residents of Ubon Ratchathani, nestled in the heart of Thailand’s northeast, face an ongoing battle against the rising deluge brought about by the straining Ubonrat and Lampao dams. The unrelenting waters stand motionless, slowly starting to putrefy, escalating the need for medications to combat water-borne diseases and fever. This paints an increasingly grim picture for the flood-besieged Ubon Ratchathani.

Banjong Wongvien, a steadfast inhabitant of Tha Bong Mung in Warin Chamrap Municipality, has been diligent in her efforts to safeguard her home, even as the flood waters relent slightly. However, she is wary of a possible resurgence of the flood tide due to the continuous discharge from the Ubonrat and Lampao dams. She lives in the shadow of the mounting fear that the condition might deteriorate within the next few days.

In anticipation of the looming danger, she has preemptively relocated her grandchildren to a makeshift shelter constructed at a nearby wastewater treatment pond. Making the difficult decision to stay behind, she ensures the vigilance of property surveillance and water level tracking. The rising waters’ assault on Ubon Ratchathani escalates with every passing moment, as illustrated in the stirring photo by KhaoSod.

The pressing challenge currently lies in the daunting task of traversing the inundated zones at least twice daily for essential commodities like food. The floodwaters, unchanging for a prolonged month, have begun to decay, transforming into a dark ooze that gives off an unbearable stench. The ominously stagnant water, teeming with disease, triggers appeals for necessary medication to address these illnesses and associated fevers. Homebound residents, unwilling or unable to evacuate, unfortunately do not have access to the same level of care as those who have made it to the temporary shelters established by the government.

As per the statistics reported by the M7 water gauge in Ubon Ratchathani, the water level is recorded as 7.84 meters, with an excess of 84 centimeters above the spillway. Inundation originating from the north is prompting the locally dwelling population to maintain a vigilant stance, as per the KhaoSod report.

The rampant flooding predicament plaguing Thailand has commanded center stage, more specifically in the provinces of Ubon Ratchathani and Kalasin. Here, the water levels continue to mount, adding to existing tensions. As a direct response to the crisis, the country’s Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM) has initiated a swift mobilization of resources and skilled teams from a range of agencies, accelerating the much-needed flood relief operations. Read more HERE. Get updated with The Thaiger’s latest bulletins on our Facebook page HERE.

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