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Visa extensions for tourists to Thailand will be available in October

Beginning on October 1 of this year, the extension of the 30-day foreign visitor exemption period will be 45 days. The new visa extensions are a part of Thai government efforts to strengthen the country’s tourism sector. Officials have provided a range of estimations for the total number of international visitors expected in the country this year.

The CCSA said on Wednesday that the 15-day visa-on-arrival scheme would be extended to 30 days in the interim. The extra visas are good until March 31, 2023. In October, the authorities will proclaim Covid-19 to be widespread, claims Dr. Taweelip. The “Land of Smiles” will welcome 9.3 million foreign visitors in 2022, according to a prediction made in July by the Tourism and Sports Ministry.

3.3 million foreign visitors traveled to Thailand between January and July of this year, according to the Thai Tourism Authority. Dr. Taweesilp claims that extending their stay will boost visitor spending, boost the economy, and mitigate the pandemic’s consequences. With 2,000–3999 patients admitted and 11–39 fatalities per day, he asserted that the present Covid-19 scenario is “at the green level.” Only a few infection clusters exist, according to Dr. Taweelip, and 201-399 inpatients are ventilator dependent. The CCSA in Thailand has now formally approved longer visas for foreign travelers.

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