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July 25 is now the Last day for Covid Visa Extensions

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[wpdiscuz-feedback id=”147_intro” question=”What do you think?” opened=”0″]Following the extension of the State of Emergency in Thailand to July 31 the 60-day “Covid” visa extension application date has been extended by an additional two months. The deadline was originally scheduled on May 24, but Thai Immigration discreetly updated the date to July 25. (as they have continued to do in the past).[/wpdiscuz-feedback]

Those who are unable to return home because of the continuing Covid-19 crisis are eligible for a visa extension.

Immigration meeting

Required Documents for Extension

  • ฿1,900 extension fee
  • TM.7 Application
  • TM.30 Notification (signed)
  • Passport
  • Formal passport photo of yourself 4×6 cm
  • A copy of your passport info page, and any pages pertaining to your current visa
  • A embassy letter from home country’s embassy in Thailand depending on reason of extension

Under Consideration Stamp

[wpdiscuz-feedback id=”147_stamp” question=”What do you think?” opened=”0″]Please note that with this extension type you may receive an under consideration stamp which will give you a date to return, and get the completion stamp. You may only complete/close your under consideration stamp in the original province which you received the under consideration stamp at. Please keep this in mind when applying for this type of extension.[/wpdiscuz-feedback]

Will it be extended again?

[wpdiscuz-feedback id=”147_extended” question=”What do you think?” opened=”1″]<br>From the information in the letter, and the country reopening we do not expect the ability to apply for covid extensions to be further extended past July 25th. If you have been relying on these extensions we advise to look into longer term visa options if you wish to continue to stay in the Kingdom of Thailand.[/wpdiscuz-feedback]


  1. Willi May 21, 2022

    I knew they would extend it again! I have been using these extensions now for almost 2 years. It will be a shame if they do stop them.

    • Levi May 21, 2022

      You are abusing the visa, it is for those who cannot go back it is not for you to stay here forever

      • Willi May 21, 2022

        🤫 I’m shooting for 5 years on covid extensions

      • Qwerty May 23, 2022

        What difference does it make to your life

    • Nihar May 21, 2022

      How much u paying for extension? Any known agency pls

      • Editorial Team Post author | May 21, 2022

        The extension price is ฿1,900 THB

        You can try joining the Thai visa advice facebook group for additional visa advice.

      • Shani May 23, 2022

        Did you find any agent. Actually i am also looking for agent. I need business visa. If you find plz let me know also

        • Paul May 24, 2022

          I have been using the big Bangkok agency for my visa Thai Visa Centre for the past 4 years. You can sent them a message on their Line @ThaiVisaCentre maybe they can help you.

    • Rick May 21, 2022

      Did you need the letter from the Embassy for each extension?

      • Editorial Team Post author | May 21, 2022

        There is an option for this type of extension which does NOT require the embassy letter.

        However if you do use that option it will be up to immigration.

      • Noah May 24, 2022

        I’ve never had to have a letter but maybe the requirements have changed??

    • Mohanji June 1, 2022

      Hi. May I know if there is any agent who can help me with visa extension .

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