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From TikTok Sensation to Political Powerhouse: Auntie Jury Shakes Up Thai Politics!

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Riding the wave of TikTok fame, Jury Numkaew, a southern Thai influencer, is making a splash in the Songkhla political scene as he runs for MP under the Chartpattanakla Party banner. As the May 14 election approaches, all eyes are on Songkhla’s nine constituencies, with numerous parties vying for seats. Among them, one standout candidate is Jury Numkaew, popularly known as Auntie Jury on TikTok, who is running in the Hat Yai district, Constituency 2.

With a staggering million-strong follower count, Jury is no stranger to the limelight. He is known for his unique take on news broadcasts, where he anchors in a distinct southern Thai dialect while dressed as an aunt. His dedication to his community is evident through his e-commerce initiatives that aim to improve the living standards of the people in his hometown. Jury’s online popularity has led some parties to offer him as much as 50 million baht to represent their cause, but he is only interested in working with groups that share his passion for bettering local economies and eradicating vote-buying and nepotism from regional politics.

Becoming an MP candidate was always a dream for Jury, who has a background in law and political activism. He started out supporting the Palang Chon Party and later landed roles in the civil service, as a news anchor, and as an online content creator, further honing his skills in media and sales. Among his campaign strategies are live broadcasting political events online and meeting with locals face to face. He has also been promoting e-commerce to small-scale business owners in Hat Yai, encouraging them to distribute at least half of their products online, so that vendors can earn a stable income amid fluctuating tourist numbers.

Jury’s enthusiasm and online presence have captured the attention of villagers and translated into positive feedback for the Chartpattanakla Party. Polls indicate that the party’s popularity eclipses that of their rivals, with 63% support from the community. In addition, the choice of Korn Chatikavanij as party leader has contributed to the growing popularity. Despite being accused of vote-buying, Jury has used social media to clear the air and maintain a strong focus on his goal of modernizing politics and spurring growth in his area.

With Jury Numkaew as a candidate, the Songkhla election is shaping up to be a thrilling event that highlights the power of online influencers in today’s political landscape. Known for his dedication to his community and an innovative approach to politics, Auntie Jury’s campaign is a testament to the ever-changing dynamics of political engagement and representation.

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