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You Won’t Believe Which TikTok Star is Running for Office!

TikTok Star Enters Election Race in Songkhla

Popular TikTok influencer Jury Numkaew has joined the political landscape in southern Thailand. He is running as an MP candidate for Songkhla under the Chartpattanakla Party. Since the 2019 victories by the Palang Pracharath Party (PPRP) and Bhumjaithai Party, many parties have been vying for House seats in Songkhla’s constituencies this year.

Upcoming Election and Constituencies

The election is set for May 14 with Songkhla divided into nine constituencies. Constituency 2, where Mr. Jury is a candidate, has grabbed attention because of his entry into the race. Known for TikTok videos featuring a unique southern Thai dialect, Mr. Jury has a platform centered on improving local economies, reducing nepotism, and eradicating vote-buying in the region.

From TikTok Star to Political Candidate

With over a million followers, Jury Numkaew gained fame on TikTok as Auntie Jury. He aims to raise living standards in Hat Yai district through e-commerce initiatives. Mr. Jury studied law at university and supported the Palang Chon Party. He also had stints in civil service and as a news anchor before venturing into online media and sales.

Campaign Strategies and Goals

Mr. Jury plans to focus 60-70% of his campaigning on live broadcasting online and devote 30-40% to interacting with locals. He wants to help small-scale businesses in Hat Yai break into online markets to increase income. The Chartpattanakla Party has received favorable feedback, and its popularity ranks higher than its rivals, according to polls.

Despite facing accusations of vote-buying involvement, Mr. Jury remains optimistic about the intense election. With party leader Korn Chatikavanij lending a boost in popularity, Mr. Jury hopes to represent the interests of villagers effectively and foster a more modern politics-driven growth in the area.

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