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PM Prayut anticipates a tourism surge as a result of hosting APEC

When attempting to pick where to spend our time off during the holidays, it’s likely that all of us have a similar train of thought: “what would APEC do?” The recently concluded Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in Bangkok is expected, in the opinion of Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, to have a significant positive impact on the country’s worldwide tourism industry.

After seeing Thailand highlighted as part of the APEC Summit, an official spokeswoman for the government stated today that Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha hopes that more international tourists will be interested in visiting Thailand as a result. After a meeting with the Royal Family on Friday and the closing ceremony with the formal leaders’ proclamation, the organization’s Economic Leaders week just finished off yesterday.

But despite the fact that tourists probably do not choose their vacation spots based on which political conferences are held there, Thailand made it a point to highlight the numerous cultural attractions that the country has to offer visitors during the conference. During the conference, the government promoted a variety of Thai cultural aspects, including internationally renowned Thai cuisine, traditional Thai massage, and Muay Thai boxing. Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, participated in a number of activities in Bangkok, including a Muay Thai bout at the Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium and the distribution of alms at Wat Pho. A tour to Ayutthaya, a city that was once the capital of Thailand and is now known for its cultural and historical significance, was provided for the spouses of the leaders who attended the APEC summit.

Even journalists and other members of the press who were present at the venue to cover the APEC Summit were given complimentary traditional Thai massage treatments. The representative for the government in charge of public relations voiced their firm belief that tourists will choose to visit Thailand. She stated that Prayut is certain that APEC will stimulate the tourism industry. “The prime minister is sure that the events that will be taking place during APEC Economic Leaders’ Week will immediately create momentum that will promote tourism. Due to the fact that it is the busy season, many tourists from other countries are likely to choose Thailand as their destination. To assist in maintaining the forward momentum of the tourism industry, Prime Minister Prayut issued a call to all participants in the sector, imploring them to keep the high standard of service they provide, so that the kingdom could present its most favorable image to the growing number of visitors. According to Nation Thailand, the Tourism Authority of Thailand is teaming up with the Ministry of Tourism and Sports to launch new stimulus projects and programs. The Tourism Authority of Thailand is also combining forces with the Ministry of Tourism and Sports. They intend to keep working toward increasing the number of tourists that visit Thailand, which is now on track to reach approximately 25% of its pre-pandemic numbers. Plans will be presented to the Thai Cabinet by the relevant government bodies in the hopes that they will be approved in time for implementation to begin at the beginning of 2023.

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