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Terrifying Escape: Brave Tourist Thwarts National Park Employee’s Rape Attempt – Courageous Woman Leads Police to Justice!

A 27-year-old Lithuanian woman bravely led police to a wooded area near a garbage dump in Si Sawat district of Kanchanaburi, where a national park employee had attempted to rape her. The courageous woman, who managed to escape the situation, had visible bruises on her body and provided video and photographic evidence of the assault. The perpetrator, Pramote Khongkham, 24, an employee of Erawan National Park, was subsequently detained and charged.

On Thursday, Khongkham reported to Si Sawat police station to face the indecent assault charges. As a result, Erawan National Park promptly terminated his temporary contract on Friday, urging the police to pursue severe measures against him. The victim had filed a complaint with police on the same day, accompanied by tourist police and an interpreter.

According to Pol Maj Pakornkiart Shinathet, the station’s investigation chief, the police collaborated with Erawan National Park chief Prawat Phuangthong to gather more information about Khongkham. The suspect eventually turned himself in to the authorities on Thursday evening.

During the interrogation, Khongkham claimed that he had encountered the woman near the national park’s signpost while riding his motorcycle to purchase candles from a nearby store. When he returned and saw her in the same place, he honked his bike’s horn as a friendly gesture, prompting her to follow him on her motorcycle. Khongkham said that he advised the woman not to follow him when he entered the wooded area, but she seemed to misunderstand his intention.

Khongkham admitted that he initially felt compelled to rape the woman during their walk in the forest. However, when she fell down, he changed his mind and decided to escort her out of the forest instead, apologizing for his actions. While acknowledging his wrongdoing, he insisted that he did not assault her, but only pulled her hands.

According to the ongoing investigation, the suspect had parked his motorcycle near a garbage dump before leading the woman to a nearby wooded area. He allegedly attempted to use force in order to rape her, but she bravely resisted and managed to escape. Khongkham is currently in police custody, awaiting further legal proceedings.

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