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Thailand is topping Asia in Agoda bookings after the epidemic

Moregenshtern blamed Japan’s closure for delayed searches. Thailand’s top tourism destination is Japan. This is true everywhere, including Asia, for the outgoing line. A rise in outbound tourism will reduce domestic tourism due to increasing travel options, he added. Domestic travel search rates jumped 50% in August compared to August 2019. Thailand leads Asia in tourist arrivals, although 2019 levels haven’t been achieved. Thais mainly booked hotel upgrades for secondary cities. Outbound search rates are approximately 50% lower than in August 2018. He said it depends on reopening big incoming markets like China, Hong Kong, and Japan. Asian countries still utilize face masks and may be hesitant to visit the U.S. and Europe. Thailand is one of the first Asian countries to recover from the Covivirus-19 outbreak, according to Agoda. Thai stimulus programs like “We Travel Together” have boosted domestic travel searches on Agoda.

Omri Morgenshtern, CEO of Agoda, estimates that inbound search rate for Thailand was 39% lower than in 2019, but has increased since 2022. According to Moregenshtern, search rates will recover to pre-pandemic levels in three to six months. Pandemic trauma has also hampered outbound travel.

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