In line with the overall global trend, Thailand’s Aeronautical and Air Transport Associations claim a growth in the number of domestic flights there. The list of public holidays for this month indicates that Thais would likely travel more in July. Nopasit Chakpitak, president of Aerothai, told reporters that since July 1, there had been an additional 1437 domestic flights each day on average. Two long weekends in July and the beginning of airline schedule additions, which will resume previously sporadic flights and frequency, bode well for domestic travel in Thailand. According to a survey from last week, Covid-19 Safety and Cleanliness is the top worry for travelers. Global travel bookings have climbed as the year goes on, despite issues with European and US carriers with flight delays and cancellations during the summer holiday rush.
It’s Asanha Bucha Day this week, the beginning of Buddhist Lent, which will last into a long weekend from July 13 to 17, and His Majesty the King’s birthday, which will last from July 28 to July 31. According to IATA, pre-pandemic levels of passenger volume are now at 68.7% of the global average (2019). As the global travel industry begins to recover this year, closer-to-home travel is also becoming more popular, with an increase in remote employees and business travel boosting passenger numbers. Nopasit reports that up to 430,000 flights are expected to take off in 2022, up 41% from last year’s data, with local airlines cleaning up their fleets. Compared to 2019, reports a 17 percent rise in solo travel. IATA has noted that May’s passenger data shows a continuing rise in international air travel. According to statistics, the number of lone travelers was increasing even before the epidemic, and this tendency is predicted to continue. Emirates, a Dubai-based airline, has announced that it will now pay customers who are diagnosed with COVID19 during their trip with up to 183,000 US dollars in medical charges and 122 US dollars per day for 14 days of quarantine fees.

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