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Unveiled Nightmare: Thai Nationals Trapped in Warzone – A Tense Race Against Time!

The Ministry recently convened a special gathering with the Rapid Response Centre, from which key decisions were announced on Saturday.

Post the meeting, it was declared that Thai representatives stationed in Tel Aviv will be entrusted with the task of managing and facilitating the withdrawal of 98 Thai nationals through the “flydubai” airline. These citizens will initially embark on their journey to Dubai. As per the schedule, the flight is due to touch down on the airstrip of U-Tapao Airport on Sunday (October 15).

In addition, the Thai ambassador and his team situated in Israel will be instrumental in coordinating the departure of another 137 Thai nationals on the same day. For this purpose, military aircrafts have been deployed. These planes are set to reach Don Mueang Airport early in the start of next week, specifically, 4.40am on Monday.

Apart from this, the government has secured the provision of distinctive flights offered by El Al Airlines of Israel, Thai Airways and multiple other commercial aviation companies.

At present, a total of 7,058 Thai citizens express the urgency to return to their homeland.

Regarding fatalities, Israeli officials have confirmed the untimely demise of three Thai laborers, leading the overall count to escalate to 24. Additionally, the tally of wounded workers has incremented by two, hence, the total now stands at 16. The parallel figures for hostages remain static at 16.

As far as the repatriation of the deceased Thai citizens is concerned, it is predicted that the whole process will consume some time. The Thai embassy is in communications with the company designated by Israel for the management and transfer of international deceased bodies. The entity has clarified that they are committed and are taking necessary measures to enable successful repatriation, while confirming that Israel will bear the associated expenses.

Generally, Israeli authorities take approximately a week to indisputably affirm the identities of the casualties. However, under circumstances of war, this duration may prolong.

In response to the allegations of Hamas attempting to manipulate Thai migrant employees into surrender by communicating in Thai, the spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry categorically denied that the Thais were specific targets for Hamas.

Regarding the circulating claims wherein Hamas has taken responsibility for the execution of 13 hostages, authoritative Thai bodies have proclaimed that it remains to be confirmed whether the victims included Thai nationals. The government continues to anticipate an official confirmation.

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