The same legislation applied to landlords and property owners, who were obligated to report foreigners sleeping in their premises within 24 hours. Along the way, there were gaps in the enforcement, with all kinds of variations and conundrums being addressed at planned panel sessions and online, with little of it settled with any certainty by Thai immigration officials. “We made our decision last Friday. In two to three months, things will be considerably better for international tourists and expats. Foreigners would be able to notify immigration officials of their movements with just four clicks on their smartphone, allowing them to meet the 90-day reporting deadline.”

Thai immigration is not only getting rid of the TM6 forms, but they’re also planning to introduce a new mobile phone app to make TM30 reporting even easier, according to Nattapon Sawaengkit, the Deputy Immigration Commander, approved the decision to move TM30 reporting online, but outsourced responsibility for explaining the facts to another official. In what appears to be a significant overhaul of immigration procedures, dare we say “modernisation,” foreign travelers will soon no longer be required to fill out the “TM6” arrival papers. The white and blue form, which travellers attempt to fill out on planes or quickly when arriving at immigration counters without them, has baffled passengers for decades.

He also mentioned that a smartphone app could make TM30 reporting more convenient. The Prime Minister’s Deputy Secretary-General, Kobsak Pootrakool, said on Tuesday that a new software is being developed to allow long-stay foreigners to submit their 90-day reporting using their smartphones. According to Kobsak, the changes are designed to attract more visitors while simultaneously providing for the kingdom’s current residents. The TM30 form and its companion, the TM28, have been a source of expat annoyance for the past five months since the immigration department decided to enforce a little-used 1979 law requiring foreigners to report their whereabouts if they stayed overnight at an address other than their registered address. For a variety of reasons, including the storage of all the white and blue cards, the decision to go all-digital with the arrival procedure was made.

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brian Chant
brian Chant
5 months ago

what about over 75 0lds insurance to travel to thailand imposible to get

Editorial Team
Reply to  brian Chant
5 months ago

You can look into FWD