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In just nine months, Thailand had more than 5 million foreign visitors

More and more Malaysians are traveling to Thailand for brief holidays. According to the Thailand Tourism Authority (TAT), Malaysia had the most visitors (751,397). The government determined last month which countries sent the most tourists to Thailand, but the most recent visitors have come from quite diverse locations. The Shuttle Train that operates between Hat Yai, Thailand, and Padang Besar, Malaysia, makes travel between the two nations significantly simpler. This service commenced operation in July. India ranked second with 480,825 inhabitants. Laos ranked third with 310,468 tourist arrivals. TAT estimated that 10 million tourists would arrive in the next three months based on flights and hotel reservations that had already been made. Malaysia, not India, was determined to be the country that sent the most tourists to Thailand last month. A Thai government official stated Wednesday that between January 1 and September 8, more than five million foreigners visited the “land of smiles.”

Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana, a spokesperson, stated that there were a total of 5,018,172 foreign tourists. Last month, Malaysia, India, Laos, Singapore, and the United Kingdom were among the top five countries, according to reports. Cambodia was the fourth largest source of visitors to Thailand, with a total of 249,084 arrivals. Since the end of the pandemic, it has never been simpler to go to Thailand from Malaysia, as neither a Thailand Pass nor insurance is required.

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