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Covid-19 outbreak in a Phuket care facility

Dr. Kusak Kukiattikoon, director of the Phuket Provincial Public Health Office, reported that the illness had infected 42 senior citizens and three tourists. Dr. Kusak claims that on July 27, the pandemic was reported to the office. Kusak claims that some members of the household who are susceptible to infection need to undergo testing every three to five days, while others just need to do so once a week. According to Puengpan Paojinda, the center’s director, the bulk of the elderly residents there have health issues. They routinely go to hospitals for medical care, she claimed, and a hospital may have been the reason they contracted the coronavirus. According to Phuengpan, all of the elderly patients have now had X-rays of their lungs done to determine the severity of their infections.

The Phuket Elder Care Development Center in Pa Khlok town is home to 75 senior persons as well as 29 staff members. Out of the 45 affected people, one has already been admitted to a hospital. Kusak said that while some old people have been sent to a local hospital, others have been isolated inside the center for treatment. However, each of them received the Covid-19 vaccine at least three times. In a Phuket elderly home, where 45 people have so far tested positive for the virus, there has been a documented Covid-19 outbreak. According to Puengpan, the center has apparently ceased allowing visitors from outside throughout the holiday weekend. Additionally, every week tests are needed for staff employees who drive, make food, and offer care.

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