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Covid-19’s isolation in a Thai “hospitel” will end on September 1

Thai people who have 30-baht health cards get care that is almost free. The secretary-general of the National Health Security Office, Dr. Jadet Thammatatari, said that people with Covid should call hotline 1330 to find out about treatment options (NHSO). Dr. Attaphon Limpanyalert says that the NHSO is making it easier for Covid-19 patients in Bangkok to get care. NHSO and the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration talked about building a kiosk that would put Covid-19 patients in touch with doctors. We’ll start in neighborhoods and near shopping areas in Bangkok. People with Bangkok Covid-19 will find it easier to get care. The doctor determines inpatient vs. outpatient care. The doctor said that the number of “hospitel” beds is going down because more patients want to be alone at home. The Thai Hotels Association promoted the word “hotels” during Thailand’s third Covid outbreak last year, when hospitals were full. Covid-19 patients in Thailand who have no symptoms or only mild ones might stay temporarily at a “hospitel,” which is a type of guesthouse that specializes in isolation.

A poll from 2022 says that only 11 of the original 79 hospitals in Thailand are still open. 14-day “hospitel” stays were a luxurious option for people with few or mild symptoms who didn’t want to tell their family or roommates about their illness. Patients with Covid can get checked out at any hospital. The Director-General of Health Service Support, Dr. Thares Krasaniyarawiwong, said that the rest of the “hospitels” would become hotels on September 1. At least 23 five-star hotels in Bangkok were turned into “hospitals” for Covid seclusion and charged patients a lot of money. The Ministry of Health hasn’t said that the service will end.

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