Patients with mild to moderate Covid symptoms could remain in hotels. Hotels that relied on Chinese tourists for revenue faced the brunt of the fallout. Staff shortages are another issue as the hotel business tries to get back on its feet, as many experienced workers have departed. They assisted in relieving the burden on the kingdom’s hospitals during the peak of the coronavirus outbreak. As Covid-19 is scheduled to be declared endemic next month, hotels and alternate quarantine areas have resumed normal operations. The service, according to Thienprasit Chaiyapatranun, vice-president of the Thai Hotels Association, is no longer available.

Following the May 1 relaxation of several Covid requirements, the number of people requiring AQ housing at Suvarnabhumi Airport decreased to around 30 per day, down from 600-700 per day in the second half of 2021. During the final months of the AQ program, 128 Thai businesses chose to use alternative quarantine services to welcome tourists as well as regular visitors, such as those attending meetings and seminars. According to the Department of Health Service Support, all AQ sites were shuttered last month. If the number of cases rises again, the quarantine service will be reinstated. As tourists suffered a setback, hotels were able to keep some revenue by switching to hostels. However, now that restrictions are being lifted and borders are being opened, hotels may be able to resume normal operations in October, just in time for the high season. A rigorous cleaning and maintenance regimen has already begun in preparation.

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